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The Movement Fix is an online community, lifestyle, and everything relating to living a healthy lifestyle and mastering your body’s movements. With thousands of followers and a large following, Ryan DeBell is the founder and operator of The Movement Fix bringing value to people every day.

The Movement Fix is an extremely ambitious business and Ryan’s vision is crystal clear with what he want’s it to be. He brings enormous amounts of value to his loyal followers through his content on his website, social media, podcast, and email lists. In addition he travels around the world meeting with the top minds in the health, fitness, chiropractic, and wellness space to share their knowledge. Ryan also has online programs that are very high-quality for those who want to take their education and results to the next level. Ryan really does it all for his followers and it’s no wonder why with the results they achieve thanks to him and The Movement Fix.

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Our job was to create a professional, clean simple website experience for his audience, despite a lot of moving parts and loads of content

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Simply Complex

The challenge with Ryan’s project was – create an experience that isn’t overwhelming that would cause people to leave, yet keep all of the components and content that his audience loves. With hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts, social media posts, a vault of programs/courses, and resources that was a tall order.

However, it was all about creating user flows for each content category, topic, and goal people were looking to achieve. This allowed us to reverse-engineer how people could quickly and simply find what they were looking for without friction or frustration. We believe the final product was an enormous upgrade and Ryan’s followers took notice.

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