Settele Dental Lab

Supporting the growth of a full service dental lab in Columbus, Ohio

An award-winning dental lab with over 50 years of experience


Settele Dental Laboratory has been in business for over 30 years. They have serviced quality oriented dental offices throughout Ohio and outside the Ohio area. Their lab has built successful partnerships by supplying their clients with the highest quality of prosthetic restorations and outstanding service.

Settele Dental Lab has become a well-known name in the dentistry field in central Ohio and across the Midwest. Their unique combination of attention to detail, quality, and quick service is what makes them a top choice for 100s of dental offices.

While their experience spans 50+ years, they needed a website that brought them into a 2018 world. What they wanted was a fresh website that showcased their services, accolades, and a way to place orders through multiple contact forms. In addition to a new site, they wanted to get more exposure through search by employing a heavy SEO campaign that got them more traffic and leads.

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Lead Generation
Web Design
Web Development
Strategy & Positioning

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Our goal was simple; showcase services, their outstanding reputation, and attract more business

An award-winning dental lab

Clean and simple

Since a dental lab is mainly a behind-the-scenes B2B business, we aren’t targeting mass traffic and just any visitors. We’re targeting the decision makers (typically dentists themselves) who are looking for a dental lab to source their dentures, crowns, implants, etc to.

With that in mind, our focus was to make it as simple and easy as possible for dentists to quickly find what they were looking for – services, experience, and time schedule. We displayed this information in small, digestible sections and give them a very straightforward way to get in contact with the lab to inquire about pricing.

The lab results are in...


Increase in site visits


Increase in pricing inquiries