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Supporting the growth of an established women’s gym in the heart of NYC

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At Queen Fitness we are dedicated to bringing you the best in personal training. The goal is to maximize your health and wellbeing through professional personal training. By taking care of oneself physically, there is an automatic transfer to one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing therefore enhancing one’s mood, decisions and daily functioning.

Queen Fitness was made to empower and inspire women to help them reach their health and fitness goals. But there is more. Women are the key to success in their homes. They are the life force that brings light, energy and tranquility to their husband, children, family, friends; their world! My mission is to reenergize every woman and reignite the queen from within so that they can make a difference in their world and to unlock the potential that exists within each of them.

There was no question Queen Fitness was going to be successful from the get once they launched their new gym. What they wanted though was to make sure their website communicated the look and feel of their message and competitive advantage compared to all the other gyms women could go to in New York City.

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Our goal was simple - create an established Queen Fitness online presence that brought people in for a trial membership

Motivation will always beat talent

Selling the results

Ultimately the results are what matter most to people considering a gym or personal training. They want to know that they will have a good experience and actually get results. While it was evident to us after speaking with Joel that he got people results, unfortunately, people need more than just taking your word for it. So what we did was created a website experience that focused around two things: 1) showcase the gym, trainers, and vibe of what Queen Fitness was all about and 2) The results. Those two key areas have gotten Queen Fitness hundreds of customers and they continue to grow.

Healthy Results


Increase in site visits


Increase in leads


Increase in trial memberships