Mission Impact

A non-profit doesn’t mean non-impact

Mission meets impact


Mission Impact is a non-profit that was established for the main goal of providing initial seed funding to such organizations allowing them to retain the services and support of out-sourced professionals.

What drives a non-profit is quite different from a for-profit business. Mission Impact was created because there was a need to be filled in the Private Catholic School space. There were many schools who needed help due to decreased enrollment, however, couldn’t afford the services necessary to stay afloat and get enrollment back on track. Enter Mission Impact – who comes in and serves these underperforming Private Catholic Schools that are in dire need of restructuring and repositioning.

Our ability to capture the essence of what Mission Impact stood for and correctly position the business was paramount in this project. There was a comprehensive and in-depth discovery process which allowed us to fully understand the ins and outs of the industry and business. Once we gained the knowledge necessary, we entered the design phase with the intention of blending design and function which would combine and result in interest forms being submitted as well as securing donors. After designs were approved development was seamless with punctual and thorough QA testing which we perform on all sites we work on.

Services Provided

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Our goal was simple; make Mission Impact the non-profit to make the biggest difference in private catholic schools

The mission is impact

User Experience

Allowing for schools to quickly and easily apply and begin the review process was essential when creating the user experience for this project. An easy 3-Step process is all that is required for a school to be eligible to receive assistance and resources.

In addition, allowing those who are interested to become donors and get involved with Mission Impact was also a large point of emphasis. While serving two separate audiences with different goals in mind, we were able to create a content layout that provides the necessary information for both and displays a user-flow that is efficient and a nice experience for both.

Mission Impact
The Results Impact


Increase in site visits


Increase in leads


Increase in donor capital