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At Hyped-Up Fashion, they aim to produce clothing fitting the fashion-forward individuals across the world. Their products are handmade both sourced locally and ethically. Join them as we transform the clothing industry and portray our spin on fashion.

The Hyped Up Fashion crew wanted something simple, yet everything their brand stood for which is the trendy, aesthetic, modern, streetwear aimed towards young adults to early twenty-somethings. They needed an ecommerce solution that allowed them to scale as quickly as they were growing.

We recommended Shopify which is a perfect fit for an ecommerce brand like theirs. With advanced reporting, intuitive back-end user interface, and plenty of high-value apps that can be utilized for marketing and customer service, Shopify was a no-brainer for Hyped Up Fashion.

Services Provided

Lead Generation
Web Design
Web Development
Strategy & Positioning
Email Marketing
Facebook Ads

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An ecommerce brand born for the now. An experience crafted for the customer.

The mission is impact

User Experience

Ecommerce is an entirely different animal when it comes to the website strategy. Every detail matters when your in the ecommerce, direct-to-consumer business. We spent an enormous amount of time discussing small seemingly meaningless details from product descriptions to which images should be in what order on the product pages. We delved deep into the psychology of the buyer-persona that we created with the client and used our assumptions to our advantage.

In addition, we ran Facebook Ad, Email Marketing, and SEO campaigns in parallel to hit the traffic and advertising from all angles. Even the consistency of the ads and email blasts need to match the details within the website. The variable of success with many of these marketing tactics is the creative and ‘art’ piece. The component that can’t be measured or quantified. That’s where we feel like we have an advantage, the buyer-personas we create and obsess over allows us to talk directly to the target market.

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