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Built for living. Designed for you

Built for living. Designed for you


With over five generations of building quality custom homes under our belt, Brookstone Homes believes that the customer knows best how to truly make a house into a home. They understand the emotion and motivation that goes into buying and building a new home for your family and our team maintains a genuine commitment to you in the home buying process, with a passion to deliver you the finest in new home buying opportunities today.

Brookstone Homes builds outstanding homes in the Cincinnati, Ohio and their reputation speaks for itself. They have raving testimonials and reviews from homeowners who absolutely love their home. They already had a good structure for a site, but needed that extra little something to clean up the rough areas and give it just a little more attention to detail. We were able to accomplish just that and also be their trusted advisor as well when it comes to anything related to their website and whatever ideas they’ve come up with inside their unbelievable team.

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Improve an already solid start and be the trusted advisor they need to guide them to even higher heights

Build your dream home on your lot

User Experience

Allowing for schools to quickly and easily apply and begin the review process was essential when creating the user experience for this project. An easy 3-Step process is all that is required for a school to be eligible to receive assistance and resources.

In addition, allowing those who are interested to become donors and get involved with Mission Impact was also a large point of emphasis. While serving two separate audiences with different goals in mind, we were able to create a content layout that provides the necessary information for both and displays a user-flow that is efficient and a nice experience for both.

Mission Impact
The Results Impact


Increase in site visits


Increase in leads


Increase in donor capital