Bobcat North America

A full-service waste management, recycling, and environmental services company

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Bobcat North America is redefining the waste industry with 50+ years of experience. BNA is the parent company to Bobcat Disposal, Russo & Sons Inc, and Inland Waste Solutions. With locations in 10 different states across, Bobcat North America is a full-service waste management, and environmental services company.

The business model that Bobcat North America has is quite unique with many of the contracts they receive being through local governments and organizations. The marketing needs and goals are therefore very different when it comes to the waste industry and BNA specifically.

While there are aspects of their business that are more traditional B2B service offerings, the main goal of our project was bring the professionalism and 50+ years of experience to their online presence (website).

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Bring the experience, outstanding reputation, and services to their website. Showcase their high standards and the many locations they serve.

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As mentioned, Bobcat North America is such an enormous company with multiple firms underneath its umbrella. We wanted to focus on a few things with this website project. First – bring the reputation that BNA has out in the marketplace and reflect that on their website. While their high-quality services are evident and known, their previous website did not portray that same level of quality.

Secondly – there were some opportunities on the business side to create more efficient processes for not only the business but for the customers as well. Things like rental agreements being filled out through the website instead of a required form to be printed, filled out, and faxed. Many times businesses forget that their website can potentially do much more than just be a marketing channel. It can also provide enormous value in improving processes and making overall business functions easier and more efficient.

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