Attention is everything

Before you can tell someone how great your product or service is, you must first have their attentionWord of mouth is a part of every business’ success – now because of the internet, we have the infrastructure for word of mouth to be amplified at scale.

At Hidden Brilliance, we will help you expand your reach online, get more sales, and maximize your return on investment.

Let us handle all the technical details while you focus on what you’re best at, running your business and serving your customers.

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We break up our services into two easy areas: Build & Market. Unfortunately, if you build it they will not come and on the flip side if it’s not built right no marketing can save you. Both are equally important to your businesses success and that’s why we put great emphasis on both.

Individual Approach

You won’t be getting any boxed, one size fits all services here. We take real time to understand your unique business, problems, and goals and create a tailored strategy for you.

Modern Strategies

It’s no secret marketing strategies are rapidly changing. We’ve mastered what’s working now while also acquiring the strategies of tomorrow so you don’t have to. You do what you’re best at, and we’ll get it out there.

Results Based

Everything comes down to results. We understand all the strategies you could potentially use can be overwhelming. Our job is to pair the right strategies with your goals to get you results.

Can your business afford to wait?

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Web Design

You have a mere 8 seconds or less to catch your visitors attention (there’s that word again). Our philosophy is that a great website marries both design & function. You can’t have one without the other and be effective.

Ecommerce Sollutions

Ecommerce and direct-to-consumer is eating retail alive. To win in ecommerce the user experience must be spot on. Every variable is crucial from user-flow to cart abandonment remarketing.

Email Marketing

While many are busy debating whether email marketing is dead, we’re getting our clients results. It may not be what it once was, but that just means the average no longer get results and the top marketers still do (that’s us!).

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have completely changed the game. You can now target your product or service like never before. No guessing whether you’re getting in front of the right people. Facebook Ads are the best deal in marketing. Period.

Influencer Marketing

Much like Facebook Ads, Influencer Marketing allows you to immediately get your message in front of your target market and start generating traffic and sales. Finding the right influencers can be tricky but that’s why we’re here!


Search Engine Optimization is the classic tried and true marketing strategy that (with patience) pays enormous dividends in the long run. While you may not get on the first page of Google tomorrow, once you do the results will be strong and steady.



Chief Strategist & Owner

Tanner founded Hidden Brilliance in 2015. He’s been designing, developing, and marketing websites for 6+ years. His entrepreneurial spirit is what has allowed him to take real ownership in the clients Hidden Brilliance works with and become a trusted advisor.



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