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Toyota Way Academy is an online-based educational and training platform that teaches companies and their employees how to implement manufacturing methodologies that were pioneered by Toyota and how they became the industry leading corporation when it came to efficiency and risk management. Jim Franz was a Toyota Production Engineer in Japan for 11 years and his partner and president of Toyota Way Academy is Dr. Jeffrey Liker who is a professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering and the University of Michigan.

When Jim and Dr. Liker came to us they already had a strong idea of their needs and objectives. Being process-driven people themselves helped greatly in the efficiency of our workflows and discovery meetings. Post discovery the glaring need was for a learning management system (LMS) that could support their growth, allow companies to purchase one license and allow many employees to use the platform, and also create a user-friendly experience for Jim and Dr. Liker when creating courses or making updates.

We discussed all the likely scenarios and LMS options for Toyota Way Academy and by the end of our discussion, it was clear that the Teachable (LMS) was going to fulfill all of their needs. With a strong relationship with their audience, we utilized software such as Mailchimp and Zapier and automated wherever we could. The goal with online courses is to provide an excellent product/course, and have systems in place to minimize the effort and time needed going forward to manage the LMS. With those systems in place the LMS revenue stream can essentially – run on it’s own.

Once the Toyota Way Academy LMS was configured and ready to launch, we sent it live. Within hours we had students who had enrolled and started soaking up the content. The excellent benefit of Teachable is that not only is a great back-end user experience but more importantly the student learning experience is incredibly nice. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone learning is simple and a breeze. We provided the videos and audio files for download for those who prefer to learn on the move or outside the office. Analytics as with any business is a unit of measurement for the growth and improvement and our analytics provided proof of that growth. Not only were sign ups in a steady climb, but once the students were registered their video engagement was constant throughout the course. With many online courses you typically see a decline later in the course.

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