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Dr. Ryan DeBell is a chiropractor who started his clinic in Seattle, WA years ago. He has since created a large following through his online blog, podcast, workshops, and more which all falls under what people know as The Movement Fix. Dr. DeBell is passionate about helping people improve their health and performance – whether that’s getting out of pain, returning to activities you love, or taking their athletic performance to the next level.

Dr. DeBell and I conversed a lot before we made solid plans on which direction to go with The Movement Fix. He had a very solid following prior to connecting and was considering multiple paths and as every business owner does, wanted to make sure the next move was the correct one. So we discussed many different scenarios for The Movement Fix, however, once we got into the details and setup of his previous website, it became clear that before we could address his ideas, we needed to get his site in a good place. The previous site was a major concern with many contradicting lines of code and plugins that actually caused the staging site to crash. I recommended we do a redesign and get a fresh platform going before doing anything else, otherwise, one additional update to his site could have caused an irreversible crash.

With Dr. DeBell quickly agreeing to a redesign and fresh, reliable new site, we got to work. We addressed some communication issues, got a better email opt-in system up and bringing in more email sign ups, and really pushed to create CTA’s in the correct places. One of the pages Dr. DeBell was quite excited about was the “Start Here” page where it very clearly called visitors to take the following steps if they were to get the most out of his site.

Long-time followers of The Movement Fix took immediate notice of the new site and were more than excited about it. Comment after comment validated that followers were pleasantly surprised about the fresh TMF site and enjoyed it much more than the previous one. Email sign ups, conversions, user engagement and average time spent on the site are all considerably up which was direct objectives once Dr. DeBell decided the redesign was the right thing to do for the reliability of his online presence.

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