See it Live

Queen Fitness is a specialty fitness boutique in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. The boutique was started by Joel Gottehrer and his wife Yael. Queen Fitness specializes in individual and small group training for women. The charming boutique officially launched it’s grand opening in early January of 2016 and has really hit the ground “running.”

Joel and Yael (Fitness Manager) wanted a site that not only had the aesthetic draw, but more so provided effective information about what made Queen Fitness unique, the results achieved by others, and how to join. From the beginning, it was all about the message and clear communication to site visitors and potential leads.

Before technology was even considered, Joel and I spent a considerable amount of time going through his business goals, ideal customers, and what really made Queen Fitness unique. This provided huge value to Joel and Yael as they crystallized aspects of their business they had not yet considered or addressed. This also allowed us to find deeper issues in the business and how we could potentially solve these with online positioning. We developed a website plan to clearly communicate and connect to their target market and planned out a phase two of online marketing strategies to really go after that target market.

It was defined very early that above all else, the objective was growth. This would come from an increase in traffic, capturing potential leads via email opt-ins, increase conversions and ultimately bring in more clients. After implementing a strong email opt-in strategy which included better incentives to sign up their email list increased by 125%. After analyzing the analytics, visitor bounce rate was cut by 35% and average visitor time went up by over 60 seconds. So we were clearly improving visitor engagement which was an emphasis from the beginning.

The results (that continue to be improved) included

  • Increased traffic
  • A jump in email subscribers
  • Major improvements in user engagement
  • Which all lead to more clients