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Janet Grisson is a well-known and award-winning artist in Columbus, Ohio. Her artwork featured in various galleries around Columbus, but she features most of her work in the Brand-Roberts Galleries right in the heart of the Short North area of Columbus.

One of the biggest challenges when addressing the online needs of an artist who’s work is entirely through paintings, is capturing the feel, message, and inspiration of the tangible artwork when displaying the work through a pixelated screen such as a computer or mobile device. Janet and I worked through this by brainstorming layouts, image dimensions, and user experience scenarios to create an enjoyable user flow.

We took featured artwork that she believed would showcase her abilities and inspirations and implemented a beautiful front-page experience with only one goal in mind – replicate the feeling of standing in front of her work as much as possible through the digital screen. We can confidently say that we’ve done just that with the final product. The front-page is a scrolling full-width overlay gallery of her featured work. When a visitor is on page, you can’t be distracted by anything, no words, just one painting after the next as the painting slides out from under the previous.

The results of such an improvement in user experience has been nothing short of outstanding from an analytics and numbers perspective. User engagement across the board has improved and continues to do so. The result all of my clients are looking for though is….increased sales! Janet sold 3 paintings within the first two weeks of our launch. This was a very strong first sign of our online efforts and all three customers were confirmed to have gained interest from the newly launched website. Exposure and sales have consistently grown since the launch and Janet could not be more pleased, and neither could we!

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