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Mexia Interactive is the world’s leading enabler of IoT & Omni-Channel solutions for the airport industry. Mexia designed, engineered and manufactures the word’s leading Omni-Channel HUB for airports and shopping malls. They monitor more than 164 million mobile devices worldwide, have over 35 billion anonymous location data points and more than 7 million facial scans will be run through their airport security database in 2016 alone.

Working with Glenn Tinley, the Founder & CEO was great because from the very beginning we understood each other well and knew what was needed to uncover the issues in his highly complex business and market.

The immediate challenge for Mexia was their messaging. They no doubt offer incredible and effective services, however from above the fold on the homepage it was confusion as a visitor. More often than not it’s not a lack of value or defective product that’s being sold, it’s the positioning and communication of the value that product or service provides. Mexia had an information and communication problem first and foremost.

So once we addressed the core issues of their website and online positioning, we hit the drawing board to work out some solutions of how we were going to effectively communicate to visitors what Mexia Interactive is and how they are unique, what services they offer and what that means for airports. We cleaned up the layout on the homepage to make things clearer and less overwhelming. We utilized a demonstrative video for the areas that were a bit more complicated and left out any content that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

We also redesigned the blog for a better reading/user experience, along with a client-only area that is password protected. This gives clients more of a “special treatment” while also creating one location for sensitive information to be available and accessed.

The results with the Mexia International website redesign were immediate. Their traffic went up, clients were impressed with the final result and were especially happy with the mobile-friendliness of the site as well. One tactic that Mexia uses to generate more leads is attending tradeshows and conferences to demonstrate and display their services/technology. For the past tradeshow they attended in July of 2016, we created an analytics campaign to track interest during and after the tradeshow. We did this in various ways including heat-map tracking, content tracking, and google analytics to analyze what the impact of the tradeshow. The results were conclusive that attending the tradeshow was well worth the investment and paid itself hundreds of percent over with the leads and clients they received.

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