3 ways Artificial Intelligence will change SEO

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Will 2017 be the year that computers pull out ahead of humans and outsmart our primal brains? Possibly. It’s one of the many trends everyone is keeping an eye on. But how does that change the game for Google search and those working so hard to optimize their websites for search? Well here are some of the ways AI can have an impact you if SEO is important to you.

Less black-hat tactics

As AI takes over Google search and starts to naturally evolve, one of the things SEOs will need to be on the lookout for is the ability for search engines to catch bad behavior amongst webmasters and link builders more thoroughly, and therefore, more often.

As AI learns the patterns, it will be better able to identify blog networks and other link schemes, allowing penalties to automatically be applied to websites and algorithm changes to be made on the fly if the pattern threshold is met.

No need to govern search engines

You know all of those reconsideration requests and other requests you put through Google when your website gets hit with one of the above-mentioned penalties or algorithm changes?

If search engines find a way to get AI to dominate the SEO world, there will be fewer people manning the search engine support stations. And that means less response to support requests, including those to get your website re-listed in search when it gets penalized. So do your best not to get penalized? Yes, I think so. In other words, as AI continues to grow make sure your website is safe and not a target.

Exact keyword phrases won’t matter

The AI behind search engines such as Google today are working with more than just keywords typed into a standard Google search box on your desktop computer. AI is dealing with desktop, tablet, mobile, and voice searches.

Why does this matter? Well, this leads to a lot of variations of keyword phrases based on the searcher’s device, which could be anything from a full sized keyboard to the user’s voice. Hence, AI will learn by learning that a keyword phrase on one device could mean something slightly or completely different on one device as it would on another, thus you get different search results.

Another component to this is that AI will learn that a keyword phrase being searched based on context (such as location like inside a store) needs different results than if you are in the middle of a field or at home on your couch.

In conclusion

Search engines will always evolve. It’s the job of every search marketer to adapt to these changes as they happen. While AI may be the most unpredictable and most non-gameable change yet, there are always ways to win the game. It’s a matter of if you’re willing to hustle and put in the work to be a practitioner and learn these changes by doing.

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